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Loyalty program: MCARD

What is MCard?

MCard is the loyalty card issued by Malik's and designed expecially for our loyal customers.

It allows you to get a direct discount with each and every purchase you make at any Malik's branch!

What is your type? And what does it mean?

By applying for an mcard you begin to collect points.

By spending more than 500.000 L.L you move to Silver Card with Up To 5%

By spending 2,000,000 L.L you move to Gold Card With Up to 10%

By spending 5,000,000 L.L you move to Red Card With Up to 15%

What do you benefit from the MCard?

Mcard holders Benefit from instant discounts on stationery, books & services at any Malik’s branch

Discount starts at 5% and increase gradually to 15%. The more you use the card, the higher the discount becomes.

How to stay updated about the latest offers?

Take advantage of regular great offers prepared especially for you

Stay updated about any new arrivals and offers before anyone else.

How to Apply /Register for mcard?

You have two ways to apply for it:

- Register to and create an account by using your mobile number

- Sign up live from any branch upon your purchase using the ipad on the counter.